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Hi, I’m Glory B. Welcome to GloryB-TV, an extension of my YouTube channel by the same name!

I created and rebranded the channel to focus on videos and posts for mature women who want to look fabulous, feel amazing, and age gracefully.

When I was 38 years old I reflected on the poor health and early deaths of several relatives and determined to make a change for my own life. I transformed my diet and never looked back. I also changed my skincare routine in my mid-30s. These changes became more noticeable as I crossed the age of 50. My body wasn’t aging as fast as others. Something was working well!

Are you a mature woman who wants to step out into the world every day with confidence, knowing you look and feel your best?

I want to make looking good and feeling great attainable for women around the world!

Besides diet and skincare, I also address makeup tips for maturing skin, fitness and exercise, health issues such as osteoporosis and surgeries, household ideas for DIY-ers, and occasionally my little dog makes an appearance.

My dad and me when he was 52 and I was 17

My dad and me when he was 52 and I was 17

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New videos are uploaded every Saturday. Make sure to check back with the YouTube channel for updates. Or, on the menu above, click “Videos”.

I spent most of my career in corporate and also as a consultant. I’m an accountant by original trade, got into functional software work, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, and am a trained business coach (having coached many business people by phone to create better goals and reach those goals). I’ve also authored and published several books and many articles on business topics. 

I’ve found as I’ve gotten older, I’m more tolerant of some things and less tolerant of other things. Have you found this is true for you, too?

As my aunt used to say, “Getting old isn’t for sissies.”  My goal is to apply anti-aging strategies to my own life and, when I find things that work well, to share them with you on this website, on my YouTube videos, and through other social media such as Instagram and Facebook!

I want you to feel empowered when you wake up every morning, to go out into the world knowing you look fabulous and feel amazing!

Be the best you that you can be!