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Upper Arm Workout for Mature Women

Upper arm workout for women! Hey ladies! I'm almost 60 at the time of this video. If I can tone my arms with a few simple workouts, you can, too! You can get rid of flabby arms by exercising your arms with weights.

If you want to make your arms look great when you're wearing sleeveless dresses and tops, then doing these exercises 3 times a week will help you get there. These exercises will also help to make your arms, shoulders, and back stronger so that you can lift things around your house and prevent injuries.

Make sure to check out the video to see the full explanation for how to perform these stretching exercises!

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How to Do Pushups – for Women

Pushups are a great way to get toned arms!

Can you only do 2 "regular" pushups? The type with your toes on the ground that we used to call "boy's pushups"? I've talked to a lot of women of all ages who've told me they can only do 2 pushups.

I'll show you how to increase that number and strengthen your arms!

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Aerobics for Women Over 40

Endurance exercise is one of the three "healthy trinity of fitness" exercises that are important for us to do as we get older.

These exercises take the form of aerobic exercise. Check out the video to find out how these exercises work to reduce stored fat, increase muscle mass, and help to prevent falling. Also, what are the best types of aerobic exercise for women over 40?

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Best Exercises for Women Over 45

If you're a woman over 45 years of age, there are 3 exercise groups that you should include in your fitness routine in order to ensure you stay in shape for a long time. I call these the healthy trinity of fitness! You can continue to do these exercises when you're over 50, over 60, over 70, and beyond!


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